August 18, 2014
Rick Owens for Selfridges ‘Masters of Fashion’ 

Rick Owens for Selfridges ‘Masters of Fashion’ 

July 4, 2014

Rick Owens Spring Summer 2015 Embroidery 

July 3, 2014

Rick Owens Spring Summer 2015 Interview

June 26, 2014

Rick Owens Men’s Spring Summer 2015

Leave it to Rick to always surprise… 
This collection was nothing like I was expecting and honestly by this point I feel like I should expect that from Rick. As a proponent for drop crotch pants even I’m intrigued by what appears to be some kind of tied sarong shorts but it’s hard to tell with the way this show is style. Many garments are worn in such unnatural ways tied and draped over the bodies of the models.

The whole show has a very obvious tribal feel to it with the styling and of course the body paint. Who could forget the body paint… a very bold choice. 

An interesting addition to the collection was the embroidered prints. These were based on a series of drawings Rick Owens team member Benoit had drawn for Rick and Michelle in previous years.

As well in an interview regarding the collection Rick Owens attributed some of the inspiration to ‘the ballet ‘Afternoon of a Faun’ 

"I was thinking about the ballet Afternoon of a Faun, choreographed by Nijinsky. It basically all culminates with this faun masturbating on a nymph’s scarf, so everybody in the audience, with all their jewels, are just waiting for this guy to hump the scarf. I love that!" – Rick Owens.

April 1, 2014

Rick Owens’ Palais Royal 2010

Adrian Wilson

March 13, 2014

Rick Owen’s Women FW14

'These people are connected in such a deep way to the clothes and I said why didn’t I think of this before? This makes so much sense, it’s so logical.'

via Antonioli

March 5, 2014

Katie Shillingford & Matthew Stone on a Fearless Rick Owens Moment


February 27, 2014

Rick Owens Women’s FW 2014

Not as much of a blowout presentation but aesthetically this is very on point. 

More soon

January 16, 2014

Rick Owens FW 14

I’m happy to see such duality in a collection with some more aggressive almost militaristic outfits heading down the runway with much more reserved pieces. 

The whole collection sports a gorgeous layering as I generally expect from Rick but the proportions are so on point this season. I especially like the massive one piece sleeveless jumpsuits although I think the leather one might be a little tough to pull off. 

As always I quite like the use of white in the collection yet the striped shorts leave a bit to be desired. I feel like I’m opposed to that kind of thing as it will merely perpetuate the awful street goth fad.

Of course it’s nice to see the return of do rags to the Men’s collection.
The ‘space nun’ look as I’ve always mentally referred to it as is something Rick does perfectly. A very welcome addition to the collection and gorgeous styling on the runway.

I’m excited to see what else Paris holds this week 

September 30, 2013

Rick Owens interviewed after Spring Summer 2014