May 2, 2012

Ann Demeulemeester Poet / Bondage Shirt

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January 11, 2012

Ann Demuelemeester Interview by Angelo Flaccevento

November 29, 2011

Daniel Andresen

A graduate from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Daniel Andresen is awarded the Flanders Fashion Institute’s grand prize in his final year. He hones his skills in Haider Ackermann’s studio and works with Hilde Frunt, one of Belgium’s most respected knitwear designers. In January 2010, he decides to launch his own label.

Born in Germany -but based in Antwerp- Andresen has an understanding of refinement which is innate and subtle. His menswear displays a soft touch, using craft and textures in a light-handed manner. The irregular yarns of a slouchy cardigan recall wave ripples in sandstone. A fitted, lambskin bomber has the casual ease of a lived-in shirt. The perch leather sleeves of a silk-knit jacket evoke the coarseness of tree bark. Defined by their sensual imperfections, Andresen’s clothes conjure up emotions and sensations, capturing fleeting moments of pleasure.

Fabric combinations add dynamism and strength to the silhouette. Working with natural fibres, Andresen favours silk, cotton, linen and wool. He uses skins in a dexterous way, mixing them with his signature knitwear shapes. Comfort and lightness are important in his designs, emphasising his interest in movement and independence. His clothes enhance the wearer’s personality, revealing his individual traits of character. They highlight the body, too, without ever constraining it.

For Spring Summer 12, he pursues his ongoing research on surfaces, playing with layers and proportions. Inspired by sea landscapes, the collection could be a joyful rendering of life on a deserted island. Hidden luxuries come in the form of a partial silk lining inside a leather jacket or the tactile beauty of a double-faced gauze, one of the designer’s key materials this season. Pieces can be mixed and assembled in a variety of ways, giving freedom of interpretation. The colour palette is subdued and organic, including rust, bordeaux, pearl grey and sand. Loose fitting drawstring pants anchor the silhouette, while pre-knitted yarns add extra depth. Fabrics are boiled and washed to give garments a loveworn, familiar feel. Masculine and substantial, these are the kind of clothes you can put on and simply forget about. Andresen’s philosophy is, in fact, to create high-quality items, which will pass the test of time

November 24, 2011

Ann Demeulemeester AW 2009

Everything this woman does is absolutely sublime 

November 8, 2011
Photo: Ann D at the age of 19
Link: Ann of Antwerp NY Times article

Photo: Ann D at the age of 19

Link: Ann of Antwerp NY Times article