May 11, 2012

Avantindietro_Field Deerskin Derby

Avantindietro_Field W3 tall boot in deerskin 

The uniquely-treated materials used in the Avantindietro_Field project have spent years buried in a tobacco field adjacent to the workshop where the original Carpe Diem line was produced, and are in extremely limited supply.

I’ve posted some of the shoes from this collection in the past but my obsession deepened recently when I found out they actually did a second release (Avantindietro_Field v2)  which I will do a post on later. The above items are from the initial release and having been buried for so long developed such an interesting texture. The deerskin on the derby has to be one of my favorite leathers ever although I’d prefer it in a boot as I’m simply partial to higher footwear. Amazing nonetheless but what else could you expect from such a brand. 

March 21, 2012


February 15, 2012

Avantindietro Field W1 Derby

Limited Edition of 32


December 9, 2011

Maurizio Altieri’s workspace in Perugia

December 6, 2011

Maurizio Altieri was born in 1966 in Perugia (Italy).

In 1996 as an offshoot to Chrome Hearts, Carpe Diem has set itself on a path of innovation which has grown into various collections — each one exemplary with regard to experimentation and craftsmanship. Collectively known as Continues Collection, the line is divided into footwear and leather pieces (Carpe Diem) and a selection of knits (L’Maltieri).

More recently, two new lines (Linea and Sartoria) were introduced at Colette in Paris. Linea is based on a 3x3 modular system: light/medium/heavy — white/grey/black — top/middle/bottom. Linea is composed mostly of laser cut 3/4 length jackets, cotton trousers, and engineered t-shirts — all of which are interchangeable, layered, and conceptually linked. Like Carpe Diem, Sartoria (the Learjet of the fleet) continues in the “arte povera” aesthetic of crushed, washed, and treated leathers. But for this collection, customers must travel to a trailer truck parked in a Paris garage and get muslin fitted and digitally photographed, and then wait 60 days for delivery of a made-to-measure item constructed out of leathers once buried in the desert of Afghanistan.

As with all “anti-fashion ” labels, Carpe Diem doesn’t advertise, and refuses all editorials in defiance of the standards of the fashion industry. One of the most distinguishing features of the collection is a requirement that the clothing be displayed on meat hooks, a nod to the founding practices of the label as a leather house.

His masterful project is Avantindietro, minimalist design, exotic leathers, unique treatments with meticulous attention to detail sets these shoes apart.

All the footwear uses laces that have a needle end to them. Designed so that you do not have to knot the lace in a traditional manner.

Maurizio Altieri is a luminary of the evolution of conceptual clothing.

November 21, 2011

collaboration project between Maurizio Altieri and Alessio
Zero by Layer-0. limited edition product also very limited door to view this project in the world.