September 20, 2012

No, No, Yes! 

A follow up post regarding the video I submitted earlier this week.
My friend and I were able to get an appointment to visit the small studio in which they create these unbelievable origami inspired wallets. The two gentlemen there were kind enough to show us a large selection of their Shosa wallets as well as a few other projects they had hanging around.

As for an actual purchase I got myself a scarred boar skin wallet as seen in the photos above. The grey piece is a deer skin Shosa my friend picked up. Both leathers are substantial but soft to the touch. I must say I was quite impressed by the selections of leathers they presented. As well by the sheer hospitality put forth as they gave us a selection of leather coasters (as seen above) as well as a few other goodies which I may post in the future. 

More of their work can be viewed on their website as linked above. 
The projects they’ve done in the past are quite impressive including my personal favourite; a series of jackets inspired by Akira.  

We were also allowed to photograph the studio in all it’s glory so expect those photos in the future.